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Oct 27

AirMap: Keep Your Drone in the Clear

By admin | Startups

If you own a drone and know how to fly it, then one thing you may be wondering about is where you can fly your drone that is not just your backyard. Drone users often rely on other users or online forums to know if a place is safe to fly their UAV.

Sep 07

Become a Better Drone Pilot with MAKKER

By admin | Startups

The creators of MAKKER know that learning to fly a drone can be an expensive experience, especially if you don’t have experience with flying radio-controlled vehicles. Buying an expensive drone and then learning how to use it through trial and error is not really the best strategy since the last thing you want to do […]

Jun 16

Introducing 360 Virtual Drone Services

By admin | Startups

360 Virtual Drone Services is an eastern North Carolina aerial imaging company that offers multiple drone services including: roof Inspections, aerial photography and video, aerial mapping, panorama videos, search and rescue (charitable), and 3D mapping.

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