What Are Selfie Drones?

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Nov 10
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Taking pictures using your smartphone isn’t always practical, what if there was a way of combining the ease of use of taking pictures with your smartphone, and the angles possible with drone aerial photography?

The culture of taking selfies that we live in has given us some awesome new toys: the selfie drones. Taking pictures using your smartphone isn’t always practical. You always seem to miss the best shots, and using a selfie stick isn’t any better either. Have you ever wanted to get a snapshot of yourself climbing the side of a mountain, but have no way to do it? Selfie drones give you that power.

These drones are small, equipped with decent quality cameras, typically work using an app on your smartphone, and are worlds better than any other camera option.

A “selfie drone” is a name for kind of low-cost drone used to take photos or videos from an aerial perspective. It’s typically designed to be used by less experienced drone operators, in fact some are marketed as being as easy to operate as tossing into the air.

Small like a toy drone, but with the smarts of higher-end camera drones, selfie drones are basically the point-and-shoot cameras of the sky. Selfie drones are small enough they’re unobtrusive in public places: You fly them with your phone instead of a big controller and simple onscreen controls and automated shooting modes let you capture dramatic shots with little more than some taps and swipes.

Another thing is how they fly and the way they are controlled. This type of drones allows you to control it using an app you install on your smartphone or tablet, this is meant to make these drones easier to fly and control even by newbie pilots who want to focus on getting a selfie rather than worry about thrust and yaw control.

What Is a Fold-able Selfie Drone?

Another type of Selfie Drone is called the Foldable Selfie Drone, simple it’s the ability to pack them away for travel. The major selling point of these drones is that they are relatively small and lightweight enough for you to easily put them in a backpack or even your pocket sometimes. This is achieved by making the arms, which hold the rotors foldable inside the body of the drone. There are several models, including the DJI Spark, Yuneec Breeze 4K and Hover Camera Passport. For more information on selfie drones, see DroneGuru’s guide to the best selfie drone.

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