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Dec 03

Owlti is a new web directory of drone services lunched in 2016 that will help organizations and individuals quickly locate companies offered drone services.

Drones have a number of unique advantages over other airborne vehicles ranging from their cost, size to accuracy and even ease of transportation. not surprisingly this has led to a booming market for companies offering services ranging from aerial inspections of equipment, filming and surveying – all tasks that used to require manned fixed-wing or helicopters to preform – and drones can do the work at a fraction of the cost as well as making it safer as the pilot is safe on the ground.

For People Looking for Drone Companies and Services

The website offered a fully searchable directory of companies and services. They make it easy to find a service, letting you search by service categories ranging from Advertising to Infrastructure Inspection, Wild Life Management and Wind Mill Inspection. At the time of writing Owlti has companies listed in Florida and Texas and are growing nationwide and international as more businesses join the marketplace.

Other Features of the Website

In addition to the directory, Owlti’s website has a blog featuring informational articles and a resources section with information on FAA regulations, insurance and other useful information. There is also a video and image gallery showing some potential applications that are ideal for drones.

For Drone Business Owners:

The market for drone services is growing rapidly. Directories like Owlti’s can help you stand out in a crowded market.It’s free for businesses to sign up and Owlti’s drone directory offers three levels of packages:

The Basic plan is free to join, can get your business added in seconds and lets business list one service. The business will show up third in the listings and is searchable, and there will be ads on the listing profile. No credit card is required to sign up.

The next step up is the Featured listing. This is a step up and costs $0.99(USD) per month, or $9.99 for a year. This package is a limited time offer open to the first 200 customers to sign up on Owlti. With this package, your business will show up in the second spot in the listings and be listed for three services. Advertisements will also show on business profiles. Businesses can also receive reviews.

The Premium package is the top package and is only $49.99(USD) per month, or $499.99 if paid yearly, for a 50% discount. Companies with this package appear at the top of the listings. There is no limit to the number of services that can be listed. With this package, the business profile is ad-free and the page receives a Premium Badge. Businesses can also receive reviews.

The market for businesses offering drone services is growing month by month, standing out from the competition is important. Visit Owlti Drone Services Directory at Owlti.com to lean more.

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