Nova Scotians Cash in on Illegal Drone Use

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Apr 29

An increasing number of people in Nova Scotia who are using drones illegally to make money, risking thousands of dollars in fines.

David Burke reports that there are an increasing number of people in Nova Scotia who are using drones illegally to make money.

Transport Canada revealed in an email to CBC News that any operator using a drone to make money is required to have a Special Flight Operations Certificate. Burke further reveals that if a person does not have this certificate they could be fined up to $5,000. If a business does not have the certificate, they could be fined up to $25,000.

According to Transport Canada, both recreational and commercial drone operators must adhere to the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Burke states that if any drone operator does not adhere to their regulations they are subject to criminal code and laws surrounding trespassing and privacy.

Mark Langille, partner at flitelab in Halifax, uses drones for a variety of jobs such as, photography and filming video for the movie industry. Langille says, “Somebody bought a drone for Christmas and they get the idea hey I can use this for work. Be it, I want to take pictures, I am a real estate agent or will take it into my company and see if we can use it.”

Burke reveals that photographer Warren Gordon uses his drone to take photos of scenery. Gordon states, “On the recreational side there isn’t a lot of regulation, you can pretty much fly when and where you feel like it. Once you can cross over to do commercial work you basically then are deemed basically an aircraft.”

Burke reports that Langille believes that the fines are not the biggest concern; it’s drone operators without special liability insurance. Further, if their drone is in an accident it could be very costly. Langille states, “The threat of the fine is there but it’s not as great as the threat of you know losing your home if something were to happen.”

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