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Jun 16
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360 Virtual Drone Services is an eastern North Carolina aerial imaging company that offers multiple drone services including: roof Inspections, aerial photography and video, aerial mapping, panorama videos, search and rescue (charitable), and 3D mapping.

They are open to new projects as well, just contact them to discuss your project and needs with them.

In recent years the regulations around using drones commercially have changed, all of 360 Virtual Drone Services’pilots are licensed and FAA Compliant with Part 107 and the company holds North Carolina Permits for commercial UAS operation and is insured for $250,000,000.

There are a number areas where drones have changed what is possible, both in terms of cost and capabilities, and 360 Virtual Drone Services offers many of them and more.

Real Estate

The real estate market was one of the first businesses, along with the film and TV, to recognize the potential for drones. With services like those offered by 360 Virtual Drone Services, drones have made aerial photography available at a cost and quality unheard of a few years ago. For prospective buyers, an aerial view of a property is the best way to show the true dimensions of a location. As well as breathtaking aerial views that shows how a property really looks, they can fly in-doors as well, providing an engaging view of the interior of a property as well. 360 Virtual Drone Services offers cost efficient drone packages that allow you to obtain aerial footage where it once only affordable by larger scale companies.


Drones have unique abilities to provide aerial photography of building under construction or inspecting existing structures for damage. Whether it’s providing inspections of areas that are hard, and/or potentially dangerous to access such as bridges or wind turbines, or to provide an overview of construction progress to stakeholders, a drone, makes a perfect tool for these kinds of applications.

Like Construction, Agriculture is another area where drones can be used to inspect large areas. While their size limits the amount of weight they can carry, so applications like crop-dusting are probably a few years away, other countries, like India, with different regulations, are looking to use drones for applications like tree planting.

360 Virtual Drone Services offers several services in this area including: land surveying and mapping, as well as inspections of towers/buildings/cranes and other structures that are difficult or dangerous for people to access.


Like the real estate business, drones have also put a mark on film-making, allowing shots which would be too costly or dangerous to do with helicopters or too difficult to be shot from cranes.

One signature shot is the pull out where the camera rises from ground level and ascends revealing the larger scene. As little as 10-15 years ago, this would require a helicopter or specialized equipment limiting it’s use to more expensive productions. Thanks to modern lightweight drones outfitted with high definition cameras, this is now within reach of filmmakers without a million-dollar budget.


On the lighter side, drone racing is a growing sport with several national and international drone racing tournaments. The first annual U.S. National Drone Racing Championships were held in 2015 in California, and there are now several national and regional racing events. Internationally, other major events include the World Drone Prix, Dubai, which has a total prize of $1 million USD.

If you’re thinking drones could be useful in your business, talk to 360 Virtual Drone Services about your project, they can offer advice and expertise. Visit their website at: 360 Virtual Drone Services.

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