Hydrogen Powered Drone Takes Flight

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Apr 25

The Drone’s Fuel Cell Weighs 1.6 Kg, Can Recharge in Just a Few Minutes, and Last up to Two Hours.

Jen Copestake reports on how Intelligent Energy has created a hydrogen fuel cell. Copestake was even given exclusive access to a test flight of hydrogen fuel cell powered drone.

In the video, Copestake points out that the drone’s fuel cell weighs 1.6 kg, can recharge in just a few minutes, and last up to two hours. She also speaks to Julian Hughes from Intelligent Energy who describes how it works where hydrogen and oxygen is combined to produce electricity. Hughes goes on to describe how they will initially roll out in commercial market with potential consumer uses in the future. In the consumer industry, Hughes says, they will focus on “agriculture, and oil and gas mapping.”

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