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Feb 15

FPV Drone Pro provide information about the latest FPV Racing drones. Drone racing is seeing a huge rise in popularity with small quad-copter drone that are purpose-built to compete in FPV racing and other drone racing events held in most major cities around the world.

Racing drones are not anything like pro-sumer camera drones, like the Phantom 4 PRO, that are used to take high-quality video of surfing contests, real estate and landscapes.

FPV (First Person Video) Drone racing is seeing a huge rise in popularity, thanks to the formation of flying leagues such as the DRL (Drone Racing League) and competitions such as the Dubai World Drone Prix, which last year saw a 15 year old boy win $250,000. And if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve already seen the crazy videos of FPV drone racing, which provides a high octane thrill ride and a high level of competition at the same time. It’s probable that the many videos floating around the web have you wondering: how can I get into racing drones?

FPV Drone Pro brings you the latest news in racing drones. They cover drone news, gear, reviews of drones, and bench work.

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