Four Steps to Build a Drone Business

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Apr 07

Founder of the Kansas City Drone Company, on how he started his drone business and provides tips on how to build a your own.

Frank Schroth shares Scott Jackman’s, co-founder of Kansas City Drone Company, story of how he started his drone business and provides tips on how to build a drone business.

Schroth reports that Jackman and Casey Adams, former drone contractor for Department of Defense, founded Kansas City Drone Company. Jackman was raised a farmer. He retired from the Army as a reconnaissance helicopter pilot.

Jackman’s background in farm country and their expertise from the military is a perfect match with helping farm owners and other businesses perfect their processes. Jackman and Adams developed Fly Ag Tech as the agriculture-focused division of Kansas City Drone Company. Schroth states, Fly Ag Tech is currently the “nation’s largest network of agriculture-focused drone operators and agronomists.” Drones can help improve farmer’s processes by “variable rate nitrogen applications, crop scouting, disease mitigation, and stand counts.”

Jackman’s first step in building a drone business is ‘understand the business you’re trying to help.’ Schroth outlines Jackman’s statement, ‘anyone who wants to start a drone company or operate in this business needs to focus on how to help business owners improve their operations, and to do that well, you need to understand what matters to them.’

The second step Jackman shares is to “know what value you can provide.” Schroth further reveals Jackman’s third step in building a drone business is “consider the logistics.” Jackman stresses the importance of conducting your flight operations legally and safely. Moreover, he believes you must err on the side of safety in order to protect not only your business, but for your clients, your equipment, and your employees.

Schroth reports that Jackman’s fourth step is “get out there and Fly!” Further, Jackman shares that in order to start flying your drone commercially you need the following: “A drone; Mapping software; Pilot’s License; 333 exemption; and network of people who can help you analyze data, learn and grow.”

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