Drones Are Changing the Construction Industry

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Aug 25
Drones in construction industry

A report in CNBC said drone photography is carving a niche in construction and it is revolutionizing the construction sector.

The usage of drones in construction work is increasing at a rate higher than in agriculture and manufacturing, according to data.

Drones are much easier to use and maneuver compared to conventional planes and are now being used to take photos and video of sites under construction. Since they can hover overhead and take all types of shots, drones are at an advantage over traditional photography methods.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones are basically flying robots. They can be controlled remotely or can fly through software-controlled flight plans which can be pre-programmed. UAVs are essentially aircrafts without a human pilot aboard. They are a component of an unmanned aircraft system; which include a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications between the two.

Construction drone usage has risen by 239 percent year over year, compared to 198 percent in mining and 172 percent in agriculture, according to a May report on commercial drone trends by DroneDeploy, which provides mapping solutions for drone users.

While drones can perform more complicated tasks like mapping and aerial thermal imaging, in the construction field they are used to take aerial photos and for surveillance.

The report also said that most drones used for construction site surveillance purposes were simple drones available for recreational use and they fulfil the demands of the job. Usage of drones is also saving the companies thousands of dollars in photography charges.

The Phantom 4 Pro, a consumer drone made by Shenzhen, China-based DJI, is listed as the most popular mapping drone according to DroneDeploy. That is followed by the foldable Mavic Pro at 27 percent.

Construction workers are now relying on drones and it has become an important part of the sector. Drones, which were only used for military purposes and recently arrived in the recreational realm, have now found many users across sectors.

There have been many changes seen in the construction industry due to the usage and presence of drones. For example UAVs are being preferred over traditional land surveillance methods and also used for various communication purposes across sites.

They are also used for security purposes and for providing accurate surveillance which can be necessary in construction sites. They provide accurate images and can be helpful in providing security monitoring of construction zones.

Drones are also being used to detect safety hazards and to inspect completed work, according to experts.

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