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Oct 14

In business since 2015, Digital Media Solutions in in North Adams, Michigan, provides aerial/ground photography, virtual 360 tours and website design.

Their aerial photography has recently been featured by Pure Michigan.

Presque Isle Harbor Lighthouse from Digital Media Solutions on Vimeo.

Digital Media Solutions is a business in North Adams, Michigan. In business since 2015, Digital Media Solutions was started by Brooks Van Aken and his wife Kristi Van Aken to provide aerial/ground photography, virtual 360 tours and website design. Digital Media Solutions specializes in aerial videography to provide high quality video footage from a different perspective.

Digital Media Solutions has a FAA 333 Exemption as well as Brooks Van Aken being a licensed sUAS Pilot under the FAA Part 107, meaning that they are authorized to use drones for commercial applications, and trained to safely operate them under FAA regulations.

Digital Media Solutions requires a release/access form to be filled out prior to any of our services being completed. This form gives them permission to have access to the property where the photos and/or video will be taken. It also allows them to use that media for promotional purposes for digital media solutions.

What services does Digital Media Solutions offer?

They provide professional photography and videography for real estate, construction sites, agriculture, home and business inspections, cell tower inspections, wind turbine inspections, insurance claims, educational institutions and more from up to 400 ft. In the air. They also have liability insurance that covers all of our UAS flight operations.

The real estate market was one of the first businesses, along with the film and TV, to recognize the potential for drones. With services like those offered by Digital Media Solutions, drones made aerial photography available at a cost and quality unheard of a few years ago. For prospective buyers, an aerial view of a property is the best way to show the true dimensions of a location. This is one service Digital Media Solutions specializes in.

Real estate photography prices vary from about $100 up to around $500, depending on the complexity and the kind of photography required.Like film and real estate, the same kind of drones can also give a company’s branding and marketing a unique look; the aerial vantage location provides a look usually unseen, and that draws attention. Aerial photography can enhance a business’ visual appeal and Digital Media Solutions can offer this too.

Inspections of building exteriors, cell towers, and wind turbine is a growing industry because of drones’ unique abilities.

Drones have unique abilities to provide aerial photography of building under construction or inspecting existing structures for damage. Whether it’s providing inspections of areas that are hard, and/or potentially dangerous to access such as bridges or wind turbines, or to provide an overview of construction progress to stakeholders, a drone, such as the types Digital Media Solutions uses, make a perfect tool for these kinds of applications.Contact Digital Media Solutions for more information on how they can enhance your business.

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