Drone Meets Blimp for Crowd-Friendly UAV

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Apr 29

New Breed of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle That Is a Combination of a Traditional Quad Copter and a Blimp.

A spin-off team from Swiss University ETH Zurich has developed a helium-filled flying machine called Skye. Stock discloses that Skye “combines the manoeuvrability of a traditional quad copter with the energy efficiency of a blimp.” The Skye is a unique flying machine that is safe to fly around audiences in public settings. Further, the Skye is safe enough for people to interact with while floating safely around audiences.

The Skye is around three metres (approximately 10 feet) in diameter. Further, Stock reveals it is able to perform about any movement instantaneously due to its four small electric motors. In order to keep Skye on its course the engineers designed algorithms.

Daniel Meier, co-founder of Aerotain, the company that developed Skye drone, said, four motors are allowing it to perform any movement, so you can really move it in the air like a flying eye. There is a computer on board which knows exactly how it’s orientated in the world, and then it gives commands to the motors to actually align it to where you want it to be.”

Meier stated that if something goes wrong with Skye there is no safety concerns since the helium provides buoyancy turning it into a huge balloon. Regular drones pose safety concerns and are very dangerous if they malfunction.

Stock further reports that Aerotain believes that Skye could change the advertising community. Skye would allow companies to engage directly with the public. For example, in a sporting event, Skye could safely fly autonomously or with a pilot above the crowds depicting a product or brand.

Stock states that Skye is “currently on display in the Swiss Pavilion at the CeBIT 2016 technology fair in Hanover, Germany.

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