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Sep 28

Located in Italy, Aviony is a company that provides professional aerial shots with drones in Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont and Tuscany.

About Aviony

Aviony offers a service professional aerial shots with drones in Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont and Tuscany.Aerial shots and photos of quality are a valuable tool to enhance the strengths of a company or event including real estate, yachts, golf clubs, and resort as well as all kinds of events.

What Services Does Aviony Offer?

  • Rental of drones with an operator
  • Professional aerial filming
  • Video footage and aerial photos in full HD and 4K

Aviony offer drone rentals and have a network of certified pilots at your disposal and can provide a professional aerial video filming. A few of the applications include:

Real Estate

In a highly competitive industry such as real estate, make photo or video services via their drones is one of the best methods to get the best overview of a property, highlighting its strengths in relation to its environment.

Valuing property can be enhanced with the high emotional value images and is a key element in elevating the perception of quality as part of the sales process. In fact, there’s nothing better than a high aerial view to promote not only the building but also its surrounding and highlighting the advantages, the location, the size and all the elements that are close to it: buildings, houses, roads, forests, parks, and malls. High quality video services improve the sales success rates dramatically, showing potential customers an overview of the properties’ full and appealing.

Wedding Videos

In the past to realize aerial photographic services it was only possible only through expensive helicopters and aircraft. Today a drone can be a wonderful tool to capture stunning images of the most important moments. Aviony in collaboration with your wedding planner or photo studio can offer aerial shots to tell “from above” the most ‘important day of your life: your wedding.

Marketing Golf Courses and Tournaments

Even the world of golf is being completely revolutionizing thanks to drones. Our company produces films and aerial photography and photos in full HD at your best tournaments. Through our drones you will finally have the opportunity to promote your golf club, creating a dynamic virtual tour, perfect for those who want to know the routes, and the territory of the course. As well you can use them to monitor and measure the whole landscape of your club, checking on vegetation that need more attention.

Other services they can provide include aerial drones inspections of buildings as well as land mapping services. Using drones to do inspections is an ideal application where equipment is difficult or dangerous to manually inspect such as the outsides of building or wind turbines.

Why Aviony?

Shooting an aerial video is now within reach of many more businesses than ever before. Arial footage can be used to market your business in unique ways. By shooting with drone in full HD and 4K, this can enhance the beauty of a place, a building, or make an unforgettable day, such as wedding even more memorable; Aviony can provide this for you or your business.

Visit Aviony.net for more information and to get started.

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