Set to Launch 3D-Printed, Customisable Drone

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Apr 07

Malek Murison discovers a rarity in the drone community: A customisable and 3D-printed drone.

Malek Murison discovers a rarity in the drone community: A customisable and 3D-printed drone. Over the past week, the tech startup company, BonaDrone, who developed this rare drone, has caught the attention of drone enthusiasts.

Murison reveals that BonaDrone, based in Barcelona, is a tech startup company set up by a team of five tech entrepreneurs. According to BonaDrone, their goal is to encourage people and help cultivate their creativity with the design and building process of a drone. Further, BonaDrone allows the buyer to pick and choose whether they want to receive their drone pre-assembled or in pieces. This option allows the buyer to have fun with putting the drone together.

Murison reports that BonaDrone’s first UAV is called Mosquito and “because it is 3D printed, buyers are essentially able to create a drone according to their wishes and needs… Buyers will be able to choose from a range of accessories to build a drone with a specific functionality.” These accessories include: camera gimbals and hooks for carrying objects. Further, the Mosquito allows the user to change the colour of any part of the drone, and upgrade parts of the drone in order to improve its performance.

BonaDrone believes the Mosquito is ideal for novices coming into the drone scene. The team at BonaDrone stated, “anyone can fly a Mosquito, even people who have not piloted before. It has numerous flight modes that allow newbie’s to enjoy the flight experience as much as an expert pilot.” Murison further reveals that the Mosquito can be piloted without a remote control, if necessary. The Mosquito can be piloted through a PC, tablet or a Smartphone.

On April 6th, BonaDrone is launching a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. Murison further states that the campaign is to help “bring the project back to life.”

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