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Sep 07

The creators of MAKKER know that learning to fly a drone can be an expensive experience, especially if you don’t have experience with flying radio-controlled vehicles. Buying an expensive drone and then learning how to use it through trial and error is not really the best strategy since the last thing you want to do is to crash your brand-new drone and have it broken beyond repair.
One of the best way hobbyists and new drone enthusiasts can start with is to practice with a drone simulator before flying the UAV. But of course, simulators can only take you so far, at some point you need to get practice with the real thing.
While a simulator will help a lot with getting comfortable with operating a drone, most of them are designed to be cost effective and work with existing PC or game console hardware. They aim to simulate flying different models of drones in various weather conditions, but at some point, the compromises add up, and they will only take you so far. You certainly wouldn’t want to go from a simulator to a large professional drone – that’s probably a recipe for an expensive repair bill.

Drones come in all kind of sizes these days, from almost pocket-sized drones like the Eachine or DJI Mavic Pro that are about the size of an adult’s hand, all the way up to commercial drones used in applications like farming or filmmaking. While the controls are similar, the weight differences alone are going to make for a different flying experience.

This is where MAKKER comes in. Essentially it’s system for training you to fly a real drone by learning how to control it accurately by way of electronic markers and a receiver (tag) that is small enough to be attached to even the newer pocket drones.

If you’ve ever learned something new, from learning to drive to a new technology, there’s a point where your confidence is higher than your skill (called the “Overconfidence effect”). If you’re learning an instrument or a programming language, that’s one thing, but if you’re learning to drive and start feeling like Mario Andretti after your first week on the road, you can bet that’s going to get you into trouble. Drones, with their lack of feedback, like is found in an aircraft, can similarly seem like they’re simple to fly until your $400 drone is bouncing off your driveway.

What is the purpose of MAKKER in a nutshell?

The goal of MAKKER is to make you a better pilot though providing a tool to measure your skills. Their tagline is “turn drone flying into a game and make you a better pilot” and that really sums it up, with the system of markers you get visual and audio feedback that lets you know how accurately you are controlling your drone. It is an interactive physical drone track that gives you direct audiovisual feedback when you fly over a set of markers. With it you can practice precision control of your drone, whatever its type or size.  Many people have seen drone races or videos where it is clear the drone is moving close to trees, walls, or other obstacles. Wouldn’t a be great to be able to practice your skills at precision control without putting your drone at risk? Using the markers, you can practice moving quickly between points with speed and control, safely, before trying it out for real?

What else can it be used for?

MAKKER lets you do more than just practice your skills, it can also be used for competing with your friends and as a timer for races.  There are other applications you can probably thing of. Beyond making drone training more effective, challenging and fun, MAKKER turns drone flying into a social activity as well.

Where did the idea of MAKKER come from?

The idea for MAKKER came from Mikkel Barker’s introduction to drones in 2016. With a background as commercial pilot and flight instructor, the task of learning a new skill lacked good feedback which could both motivate and challenge. The idea was realized by a playful, passionate and dedicated, multi-talented team with all the skills needed to complete the development process.

When Can I Try MAKKER?

Visit the website sign-up for news on when pre-orders will be available. When you sign up, you’ll be eligible for an exclusive discount.

Building the world’s first drone gear that makes you a better pilot!

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