Australia Post Considers Drone Delivery

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May 29

“The Reality Is That Anybody Who Doesn’t Believe That Technology Is Going to Fundamentally Change the Way We Do Business in This Country Is Mad.”

Asha Barbaschow reports that Australia Post recently announced that they are considering using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to deliver mail around rural areas.

Ahmed Fahour, Australia Post managing director and group CEO, recently spoke at the AFR Business Summit in Sydney. Fahour said, “The reality is that anybody who doesn’t believe that technology is going to fundamentally change the way we do business in this country is mad.” Barbaschow further states that Fahour is hoping Australia Post can use drones to eliminate the driver from having to complete deliveries to houses with long driveways. Fahour is currently working with retailers with hopes of doing trials later this year.

Barbaschow reveals that other countries are also interested in the idea of using drones to deliver mail. In late 2014, Deutsche Post DHL was the first to use a commercial drone to deliver packages in Europe. Barbaschow further discloses that Finland was close to follow DHL in testing commercial drones. However, the tests were successful for delivering packages in October, but the harsh Scandinavian winters were too much for the commercial drones.

Barbaschow reveals, “Singapore Post (SingPost), in conjunction with the country’s ICT regulator infocomm Development Authority, completed its own pilot involving a drone in October, with its UAV authenticating the recipient before the delivery was left.” The spokesperson for SingPost said there are no “firm plans” made on when the drone delivery would be launched or which areas would be available for drone delivery.

Amazon was cleared by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to experiment using commercial drones to deliver mail. However, it was stipulated that the drones are to only be flown in daylight and pilots must have a visual line of sight.

Barbaschow reports that Wal-Mart also filed an application with FAA to test the use of commercial drones to fulfill delivers to customers.

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