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Sep 04

3 Motion is a Manchester company that specializes in aerial videography to provide the high quality video footage from a different perspective.

What does 3 Motion do?

3 Motion specializes in aerial videography to provide the high quality video footage from a different perspective. We have 4 years of experience flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and guarantee safest operations and highest quality filming services. Our experienced team from the background of Film and TV will ensure to provide best results you can get. 3 Motion is insured with public liability insurance for aerial work and have shot footage in Sweden, Channel islands, United Arab Emirates and Lithuania, as well as the UK, but can operate anywhere depending on local laws. Costs for services depend on the drone you require, location, time and complexity of flying.

Where are they located?

Located in Manchester, United Kingdom, 3 Motion is a professional aerial filming, photography and video production services serving north west England and worldwide.

What are the benefits of 3 Motion’s aerial photography for your businesses?

As a aerial photography company, 3 Motion can provide customers with drones and UAV pilots for a number of applications that drones bring unique benefits in terms of cost, safety and time saved, when compared to traditional methods of getting arial photography.

What are Some Applications Aerial Videography?

Aerial videography has a huge range of applications ranging from filming in difficult locations to building inspection. Here are a few of the common applications companies like 3 Motion can provide.

TV and Film

Watch any kind of live TV show these days and you’ll probably catch a few shots where the camera rises up from ground level and ascends revealing the larger scene, you’re pretty much guaranteed that’s a shot done with a drone. As little as 10 years ago the cost and safety issues alone mean that things which would have been limited to helicopter photography and only for the more expensive productions. Thanks to modern lightweight drones outfitted with high definition cameras, this is now within reach of filmmakers without a Hollywood budget.

Estate Photography

The estate market was one of the first businesses, along with the film and TV, to recognize the potential for drones. With services like those offered by 3 Motion, drones made aerial photography available at a cost and quality unheard of a few years ago. For prospective buyers, an aerial view of a property is the best way to show the true dimensions of a location. Companies such as 3 Motion provide this service.

Marketing and Branding

Like film and real estate, the same kind of drones can also give a company’s branding and marketing a unique look;the aerial vantage location provides a look usually unseen, and that draws attention. Aerial photography can enhance a business’ visual appeal.

Construction and Inspection Applications

Drones have unique abilities to provide aerial photography of building under construction or inspecting existing structures for damage. Whether it’s providing inspections of areas that are hard, and/or potentially dangerous to access such as bridges or wind turbines, or to provide an overview of construction progress to stakeholders, a drone, such as the types 3 Motion provides, make a perfect tool for these kinds of applications.

How to contact 3 Motion

3 Motion can be reached though their website at 3motion.co.uk, as well they have accounts with:
Facebook: facebook.com/3motionUK
Instagram: @3motionuk
Twitter: @3_Motion

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