Jun 01

Barking Drones to Be the New Sheep Dogs?

By admin | Agriculture

Drones that can bark like a dog could soon replace sheepdogs according to a media report. “Robots aren’t just stealing human jobs, they’re after man’s best friend too – now there’s a drone that can bark like a sheepdog,” an article in RadioNZ said.

May 01

Top Drones in 2019

By admin | Advice

Top Drones in 2019 and How to choose the best. If you are considering buying a new drone, then you are in the right place. Here we have carefully selected for you the best drones from each category so that you can choose the one that suits your requirements. Choosing the best drone is not […]

Apr 28

Six Ways Drones Can Make a Difference

By admin | Agriculture

Six Ways Drones Can Make a Difference in the World. Drones have received a lot of negative publicity in the recent times, with some ramming into birds and others making unscheduled landings in secure areas, there has also been an instance where an airport had to be shut down because of drone-related issues. However, they […]

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